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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 8, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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let's begin with that forecast. toss it over to jackie, talk about rain that could be on the way. >> yeah, this afternoon i think we will see it. we had a few earlier this morning but looking good at this hour. check out the risk cam, and you can see even a few breaks in the clouds already. 76 degrees so it is a warm and muggy start here, and there's live super dopler. clean sweep, my friend, we haven't seen that in a while. but this will get busy later on this afternoon. today more likely even than what we saw yesterday, mostly cloudy, 77 at 9:00, 83 by noon, and muggy this afternoon with the thunderstorms at 5:00 o'clock, and 84 degrees. so keep that in mind for the commute home, how is the commute in, though. here is amanda meadows. >> well, if you are on 395 northbound, the commute is very slow this morning. three of those right lanes closed unfortunately due to the accident. you can see, traffic is just crawling in those through lanes
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on 395 northbound. as your approach consider actually as you come past. in from the springfield inner change, you are going to have to get to the far left lanes to get around that, if you can use those. we also have a shot from our cameras and that shows you the same scene is there, a little bit closer up. again, the two left lanes closed. the other thing you can see, if you can remove that super you can see the tow truck there, and that is getting that car up on to the flat bed, so that's going to be great news once they do get that cleared. question also have got an indent working on the g.w. parkway, heading over to our mapping system that will be g.w. parkway in both directions. they are getting that tree cleared, rout one at fort hud road. that is clearing though, so that should be out of here soon. not too bad if you are coming in 95. for now, i will send it back to you. >> okay, amanda thank you.
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6:02, following the developing story in dallas. police there arrested a man for a shooting spree that ended with four people dead, four others injuries and children are among the victims. >> investigators say the man shot four people in his ex-girlfriend's home in dallas. she wasn't there. he then went about seven miles and tossed an explosive device into a house. after it detonated he went in and shot four people, including his ex-girlfriend. federal investigators are assisting now with dallas police in this investigation. >> and we are al following a developing story here, in southeast d.c., three people in custody this morning after shooting. at a separate scene, nearby someone shot an a.k. 47 at a police officer, who then fired back. the weapon was recovered, we are told the suspect got away. six people hospitalized after an
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apartment fire. >> this is on denver street. john gonzales is also there, he joins us with what happened. >> still a lot of activity here. d.c. police still posted here, they are protecting the scene, trying to keep people away. and d.c. firefighters also here trying to prevent any hot spots from flairinging up. you can take a look at the building here. two floor building just a lot of damage, extensive damage. and firefighters knew they had to move very quickly this morning because not only was there a raging fire inside the building, but there were also people trapped inside. now, it appears this fire started on the first floor, and you can see from the video, it ripped through the entire building. and flames shot out from the roof, that started at around 1:00 this morning. pretty much everyone was inside, we understand, and you can only imagine, people were probably even sleeping inside at the time.
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they were literally hanging for their lives. at this hour, we are told six people are in the hospital, including a mother and two children. they ever suffering from burns cuts and fire inhalation. seven coming up in half an hour, we will hear exclusively from a mother who was inside with her two children. she will tell you how she got out. thank you, john. meanwhile, three tickets, match the winning numbers in the estimated $40,489,000,000 power ball jackpot. >> that's right. two tickets were sold in new jersey, and another one in minnesota. we will have more on the latest,
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in a live report at 6:30. >> we are also expecting a big announcement from the national view this morning. just that it will happen between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. we will bring you the news during good morning, america, or just tune into news channel 8 for more. >> all right, 6:06, your temperature 76 degrees. still ahead, adam giving us a sneak peek at the county fair. >> coming up, why you are forking over for bacon.
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>> there's going to be some
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change ahead of us today. >> in the form of rain, right, jackie? >> i think a better chance today than what we had yesterday. and quite a few of us got wet then. it is a warm start this morning. look at our temperatures. 76 in d.c. 66 is in frederic, and your temperature in culpepper is 73 degrees to start our day. there you can see the showers and thunder showers that moved through. things look good now. a few breaks in the clouds can be expected on and off throughout the day. we do have some fog issues. so we are down to about third of a mile visibility, use some caution for you are traveling in this area, or heading up that way, just under a mile visibility, you can see no problems here within the metro area. if you are traveling in the air today, there may be delays up and down the east coast, and that includes the big three airport, so make sure you call ahead on that,ly have your seven is day forecast coming up, but right now we need the latest with amanda.
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>> thank you, jackie. still monitors conditions on that crash along 395 northbound. you are going to run into major brake lights. we are monitoring conditions oon this crash. you can see that that far right lane is still closed. with police and emergency on scene and traffic is just crawling in those through lanes. we also have a shot from our camera system. you can see they just got that car on to the tow. that is good news, it should be clearing quickly. but this is the back up, 95 in morton. g.w. parkway, still working an event that will be on our mapping system there. morning side lane, it is blocked in both direction. 295 starting to build come canning into the 11th street bridge. for now, i will send it back to you. >> all right. thank you, amanda, coming up it
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is fair time in montgomery county. >> we will check in with adam for wayyou need to know before you go. for this year's food and male narrator: commemorate the war of 1812 male narrator: commemorate the war of 1812 bicentennial and join our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shore visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery.
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commemorate the war of 1812 our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. >> and welcome back. 6:15 is the tile. we have a pretty shot to show you here. we we have breaks in the cloud cover. so a little bit of sunshine continues to come up. a little bit higher today as we will have flirtatious sunshine that will be peeking in and out of the clouds. i will have your seven-day forecast, and let you know when to expect that rain. >> as we have been talking it is the time of the year, a lot of people look forward to the montgomery county fair.
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we are already seeing how they are celebrating at the big cheese. >> now we are getting a peek at old mcdonald's farm. live at the fairgrounds, with all the good stuff going on there this morning. good morning, adam. >> good morning. wake up. just chilling with my peeps here. this rooster was crowing earlier. it is when i walk away, that he starts. at the new old mcdonald's barn, isn't it gorgeous? you don't have to duck out of the way, you have been so helpful, yo uh can at least wave. she has been educating me on the animals in this barn. here we have miniature horses and one of them is pregnant and scheduled to give birth here at the new old mcdonald farm at some point next week. but also something new, cory, thank you for coming on early with us this morning. what is new here at the barn
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this year. >> we have fainting goats this year. >> why are they called fainting goats? >> when they get started they lock up their legs and tip over. >> thank you, thank you, rooster. >> chicken, whatever. >> can you tell i didn't grow up on a farm. >> his name is chickky, i thought i was right. do they have names what is the deal with these. >> this is gilbert, the black and white one, and when he was a baby he broke both of his leggings. and he lives in the house on the farm for about six weeks so he is a very very close pet of the family. >> he is one that is really tight with the family. >> yes. >> so do they ever just do that fainting or what supposedly is a faint, even though i know it is a defense mechanism, and they don't actually faint, do they ever do that around the fair? do people see them lock up and tip over. >> we will find out. they are new here this year, so we will find out if anyone scares them enough, that they do
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faint. >> why are you scared of me, come on, gilbert, there we go. thank you. now what am i stepping in, that's the other question. so weather wise, it feels good. typical fair weather, you can feel the humidity, but typical august weather. two fair starts tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. children 11 and under are free, we will see more of the fair coming up. as for today, expect a few more thunder showers. but more widespread in the warm to the upper 80's. flirtatious sunshine. eew! back to you guys. >> those poor goats are just terrified. >> i love the fair. >> yeah, the fair is great, montgomery county fair they have everything. >> animals included how can you go wrong. >> and rides. >> absolutely. >> so yeah, we are starting with a little bit of sunshine today, how are you doing, sunshine.
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nice to to see you today. we will show you, though, a clean sweep this morning how do you like that? that's a good way to start the day. the last several mornings we have woke up with wet weather. now, as we take a look at the rainfall that we had in the last 24 hours especially if you were north of d.c., you had a good soaking. yesterday evening about an inch and a half. we had just over a 10th of an inch at dwi, and not much to the south, and nothing reported in d.c., as we take a look at our current conditions isn't it nice? look at that. a couple of breaks already. 76 degrees is our temperature, the dew point is at 70. winds are coming in out of the south at nine miles per hour. 70 is six is in quantity coe, 73 in culpepper, and 68 degrees in martinsburg. as we take a look at our storm for today. we will show you a wider view of what is happening across the region.
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we can show you those showers pushed offshore. that's where the cold front is, and is that cold front will be our big trigger later on today, as it is closer to us. that will be our lift, that's why we will get a better chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. so a little bit more widespread. i do think we will get a break overnight tonight, and then friday, looks like a good soaker as well. we could have heavy downpours late in the day, so our forecast, then, for today in detail, expecting partly sunny skies an isolated shower, thunderstorms scattered across the area, this afternoon, 84 to 88 degrees. tonight mostly cloudy. and then drying up overnight, 66 to 72 degrees. and there is your seven-day forecast. showers and storms likely on friday. while we still have opportunities for wet weather, it looks dry overall. let's find out what is happening with your commute this morning. >> well, big delays on 395
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northbound, so anyone coming in from the morton area, is going to come into serious brake lights. this is a shot from news chopper 7, and you can see, that off ramp there closed down. but 395 northbound, still just at a crawl. and those rubber neckers stopping to take a look. it is in the clearing stages. it is i believe proving but it is improving very slowly. your best bet if you can use those lanes instead of the through lanes you are better off. we also have a shot from our camera system that shows you where that accident is. that left shoulder is occupied but all three lanes are open at et sell. we also have a new incident working oen the 11th street bridge that will be in bound, left bound closed there, and then coming up the g.w. parkway in both directions near morning side lane, that is blocked due to a down tree, they are detouring around it. you can see that bright red coming in due to that crash.
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back to scott and jummy. >> okay, amanda. thank you. well, toyota announced a pickup truck recall. >> and what's with bacon prices reaching an all time high? here is today's money with diana perez. >> good morning. topping america's money, another bank in trouble with the government. jpmorgan chase says it's facing a criminal probe over bad mortgages. the government sues bank of america, also over messsy mortgages. and there's a new toyota recall. they were made from 2004, to 2011. the toyota is notifying owners and promising free repairs. a new front end crash test released for small cars and half the cars tested did well, including the honda civic and dodge focus. and it's the big news about bacon that's tough to swallow. prices have sores to an all time
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high. as a mysterious and deadly virus spreads through pig farms. prices are 14% higher than this time last summer. that's america's money, have a great day, everyone.
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>> the largest airport in eastern africa. two flights landed in kenya today despite damage to the arifle terminal and airport infrastructure. and while the cause of the fire is now under investigation, officials there do not believe it was an act of terrorism. in a wild fire in southern california, is burning out of control. >> yeah, the fire broke out in the banning area. and grew to nine square miles
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just within hours. 12 structures are damaged or destroyed, it is unclear hue many of those are homes. around 1500 people have been forced to evacuate. three people including two firefighters have been injured. well, it is 6:26, and still another half hour. >> how the reigning super bowl champion ravens initiate the rookies and why the focus will be on
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live, and in h.d., this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> straight ahead, at 6:30, a raging fire in southeast sends several people to the hospital. >> plus, at least three power ball tickets are winners. bad news, those tickets not sold in our area. >> and it is a special hands free biking delivery of a mattress. not something you see every day. good morning to you, washington.
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it is thursday august 8th. >> we will start with weather as we always do, head over to jackie for a check on our forecast today. >> hey, things are looking pretty decent to start our day. we have some cloud cover once again, and even breaks in these clouds. that's where our roof cam is, and it looks pretty as that sun is comes up. 6:15 is our sun rise time. it is warm and muggy, but hey, it is dry after a few sprinkles in southern maryland. we are expecting slight liamer and more humid conditions the next few days. we will have flirtatious sunshine as i like to call it. some peeks of sun, and yep, chances of showers and thunderstorms late today. and continuing over the next several days. we will let you know what to expect in the next few, along with your seven-day forecast that's minutes away. right now it is time for traffic. >> we are still monitoring conditions as you come into the springfield interchange.
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you have major delays. you can can see traffic is still just crawling along there. northbound on 95, into the 395 inner change there. h.o. v., still your best bet if you can use those lanes. we also have a new incident working on the 11th street bridge that will be in bound. g.w. parkway, that earlier problem on right there in your morning side lane. still lingering. we have a tree down that is blocked in both directions and police are detouring traffic at this time. we are going to go 66 eastbound, and actually just got word from the traffic center, that that incident is cleared. so g.w. parkway, cleared that should be opening up, and delay free soon. 66 eastbound, coming in a little slow, we have a live shot coming in from centerville, you can see the brake lights near rout 234. back to you. >> all right, amanda, thank you very much. really just some frightening moments overnight in southeast
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d.c. >> that's right. the fire on denver street, sent several people to the home, our john gonzales is live. he has new development this morning. >> well, jummy, residents here neighbors telling us that this building has been set on fire in the past. with that said, now that we have some daylight, d.c. police are now investigating a trail of blood, that started from the building, and goes all the way down to the sidewalk here, even on the fence, and it is quite a bit of blood here on the sidewalk. police still trying to figure out if this is in anyway connect can dodd this fire. you can take a look at the two story building here just gutted. it was a raging fire, and firefighters knew they had to move quickly, because people were trapped inside. it appears the fire started on the first floor, and from the video you can see, it ripped through the entire building. there what we can count, 12 units all destroyed. this started around one this
6:33 am
morning so you can imagine everyone was inside at the time. one adult being transported he suffers serious cuts from broken glass. but trap residents were hanging fromming the windows on the second floor, literally hanging fur their lives. we spoke with one woman who was inside with her children at the time, here is what she had to say. >> i just came out, me and my family, and it was blazing fire here. that was it. and we called 9-1-1. >> you called 9-1-1. >> yes. >> what did you do when you saw the fire. >> i freaked out. i took cover with my children. >> at this hour, six people in the hospital, including a mother and two children. the victim suffering from burns, smoke inhalation, and cuts. and at this hour, the cause of this fire still under investigation. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> okay, john, thank you.
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three people are big power ball winners this morning. >> bight is right. they are going to be splitting a $448 million jackpot. breeian carter she has more on this. live in arlington with her $7. >> we can't split the big jackpot, buzz clearly we weren't the winners here is my winning ticket. we can split the $7, we will discuss later. three people walking home big winners now. officials say that two tickets were brought in new jersey, one was bout in minnesota. actually, over the past this hours there has been a frenzy of power ball tickets. to try to get their hands only what they hoped was the winning ticket. there may still be time for you to win something. and in maryland, so get on those tickets. if you haven't seen those, here they are.
6:35 am
58, 50 mine, and the power ball number 32. so check those as we said, about 4 million people are winning in smaller amounts. anything from $4 to about $4,000. so something is better than nothing. >> breeian, thank you. the first pre-season game today, they are playing against the tennessee titans and that game at 8:00. the quarterback will have to watch kurt cousins wield the starting offense as he continues to recover from his knee surgery. but tonight it is all about the fight for roster spots because the starters will only play about a series or two. the nfl reigning world championships are also in action tonight. they are eager to see the new look defense in action. now that lewis has retired and ed reed signed with houston. kick off is in tampa. start in the nfl career, never
6:36 am
easy or cheap. >> that's right. just asked ravens full back. two veterans made the rookie by lunch. $100 worth of chicken nuggets from chick-fil-a. you can see it right there, $99.94. they have a tradition for making the rookies pay for food and flights to away games. >> 6:37 your time, details on that custody fight ahead for usher. >> plus, it wasn't sharknado but
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good morning. on saturday september is 14th, we will be hosting a free dental day. for more information, please visit our website at
6:40 am and click on the free dental day tab. >> good morning, washington! >> and good morning to you. we want to honor some young heros in our area. so we are giving away $1,000 grant to children who are passionate about improving their communities. to be eligible, you have to be between the ages of five and 18, just go to,/summer heros to apply and the deadline is september is first. >> all right, scott, thank you. 6:31 now in the weather center, talk about the forecast, a little bit warmer than yesterday, that's good news. >> yeah. >> not all good. >> not all good. we have seen occasional sunshine as well. most of all to northern maryland and then over towards del mar.
6:41 am
about an hour and a half ago, and that is out of here for now. the rain is pretty impressive to the north. about an inch and a half in the last 24 hours. we didn't record anything here, and washington, d.c. at reagan national airport either. and 73 in culpepper, and our express forecast for today, mostly cloudy. afternoon hour, and then showers and thunderstorms will be likely this afternoon. with heavy downpours and keep in mind that can effect your evening commute. amanda has the answer. >> the morning commute is busy. we have that activity that slow things down. and we will start off with a live shot, so you can see current conditions. this is back to rout one. that traffic is moving along, but moving along very slowly
6:42 am
there. that shows up current conditions there coming into the springfield inner change that's where it really gets thick as you approach the springfield inner change and merge on to 395. as i said, activity is cleared and all lanes are now open. we also have the 11th street bridge activity, had the left lane closed. you are stacking up to east capital, that is going to be in bound, and then we also have the g.w. parkway. all lanes are reopened at there time. that earlier incident is cleared. ninety-five as you are coming in, not too bad. 95 northbound, moving smoothly. looking pretty good there, from stafford to dun fridays taking you about 19 minutes. >> coming up an unexpected find on a subway in new york. >> plus, a special delivery bike
6:43 am
that is hands free, it is 6:43, 73-degrees and w
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this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> and good thursday morning. 6:45 is the time and our temperature is 70 is two-degrees in arlington. as we take a look at our live picture, looking at annapolis, pretty stark here. the sun is coming up a few breaks in the cloudiness, and a little bit more sunshine, i think midday. ultra vie lot index is up, a little bit from yesterday, putting it in the very high category, but we will have chances of thunderstorms back later today. we will details that on that in a few minutes. >> around the region. the foundation camp takes place this morning. >> that's right. the event benefits the pediatric
6:45 am
care complex. gio gonzales that won the camp along with fellow players. is catch begins at 9:00 this morning it will be followed by a lunch for participants and the players. >> the pentagon is followed through on a policy aimed at recognizing same-sex marriages. those benefits could include healthcare and housing but the pentagon may reverse earlier plans to extend benefits to gay partner whose are not married. and some members of the kansas based baptist church plan to protest outside the supreme court at 8:00 this morning. the antigay group known for its extremist views is upset about the court's recent rulings on gay marriage, and then later this morning the group plans to picketed outside the pentagon. >> later today, the driver involved in an accident that killed a skateboarder is scheduled to go on trial. he died june 4th after hitting
6:46 am
his head while skateboarding. the washington high school senior was hanging on to the side of a pickup truck when we fell. a classmate has been charged with reckless driving. >> there is still no sign of a missing california girl, and her suspected kidnapper. authorities expanded an amber alert for hannah anderson, to oregon and washington state, after two reported sitings of james' car near the california state line. the bodies of the girls mother, and possibly her younger brother were found in the burned out home. >> the trial of the alleged fort hood shooter resumes today after son unusual developments. nadal hassan is representing himself. the lawyers hired to help him, say it is clear that he is working toward a death penalty. that exchange prompted the judge to close the courtroom, she must decide what to do next. he is accused of killing 13
6:47 am
people, and wounding nine others. an. his ex-wife requested that hearing after the five-year-old son became stuck in a pool drain. he nearly drowned and a contractor who happened to be at the home was able to rescue the boy and perform cpr. she is seeking temporary custody of the two children. >> with some good news. researchers in germany are testing a new laser that actually detects turbulent air. to 20 miles it is estimated by the way, the turbulence has a $150 million impact on the economy each year. >> now to a very bizarre discovery. a man snapped this photo of a dead shark on a train that was headed to queens. a conductor asked passengers to
6:48 am
go ahead and leave the car, as supervisor later disposed of that shark. officials don't know how the shark ended up on that train, and they said they are not going to investigate, they said they have better things to do. >> gained popularity during the recession as a way to get eggs. >> that's right. even in the recovery, many people are raising chickens than ever before. some have gone so far to put diapers on them. people often get sick after coming in contact with the droppings. >> chicken diapers. >> jackie, this is what we are talk requesting you now, chicken diapers. >> my sister has chickened in her backyard. >> they do not diaper their chickens, no. >> i can't imagine. >> babies are us, chickens are us. >> yeah. >> okay. whatever.
6:49 am
>> we are. i know, right. yesterday afternoon, looking at all of our weather. we have all of the web cams that you can view, and i'm looking where is the sun, where is the sun, and we saw is some f it yesterday, and we will see more of it today, but we also will see some thunderstorms later on this afternoon. it is muggy, you can really feel the humidity today. 66 is in frederic. 68 degrees there were showers and thunderstorms. across northern maryland and that moisture now turning into fog. so your visibility, down below a mile, just over a mile in martinsburg, to use a little bit of caution, if you are driving through these areas but i don't think it will be a major impact.
6:50 am
our cold front still off to the west. it is making progress towards us. so we do expect to see action later on today. the weather in the country, mid section through the missouri valley, and then stretching down into the deep south. that's been the path these thunderstorms have been taking. boy, they have had real flooding problems. we could see some heavy downpours at time. best chance will be after the noon hour, as that sun gets closer, but it is going to stay to our west through tomorrow. so we will equal chances of rain by tomorrow afternoon. here is some development, more widespread through the evening. i think we will dry it up early tomorrow, and then more showers and thunderstorms widespread on friday evening and then drying out friday night. it will be a little bit on the warm side this afternoon, and isolated shower this evening and then drying up overnight. sixdy six, to 72.
6:51 am
there is your seven-day forecast. most likely today and tomorrow, we still have a chances through the weekend into early next week, but we will have more frequent breaks and more sunshine, it will feel a little bit more like summer is. the latest on the traffic report. >> well, we still have that big back up coming into 395. 395 all lanes are now open, but we have the three right lanes closed for almost an hour there on that crash. so again, all lanes open there, but you have delays all the way back towards the uke yeah calm bridge. we also have got -- an estimated drive time for you there that area. and get past that delay. at essell. so be prepared to give yourself a lot of extra time if you are coming up 95 northbound, still
6:52 am
closed there with an incident, we also have a new accident working 270 northbound, as you head towards frederic at that, i 70 merge, ands that has the right lane closed. you can see building coming in through urban that. not too bad once you get past that stretch. coming into the springfield inner change, along that incident on the 11th street bridge. 1:03 p.m., every ten minutes on the eight. >> good thursday morning to all of you. just the latest on the fast moving wild fire in riverside county, california, at least ten homes there are burning. a rather populated area, hundreds of people have been evacuated. in banning california this morning live with the latest, we will have that next for you coming up right here on good morning, america. >> 6:53 is your time, and it is
6:53 am
time for our thursday express. >> here is what you need before you go. at least four people are dead and four injuried in a shooting spree in dallas. the suspect was allegedly targeting his ex-girlfriend. that suspect is now in custody. >> and some popular small cars aren't doing well. the chevy cruz, receive she sonic and voaks wagging again beetle got meteorologistal ratings. >> this will get plenty of attention, we are expecting a big announcement from the national view. they haven't said what it is about, just that it will happen between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., we will bring you that during the updates. of course you can always tune into news channel eight. >> here is a look at our other top stories. >> john gonzales is live, john. early this morning neighbors say has been deliberately set on
6:54 am
fire in the past. we are told they are still trying to figure out what caused the fire this morning six people in the hospital, including two children. again, the cause still unknown. breeian. >> well, john, a lot of disappointment in our region this morning as people wake up to find out the power ball numbers. well, there were three winners just not in our area. we unction that there were two winning tickets bought in new jersey, one in minnesota. officials are saying that there are $1 million winners many virginia and maryland, so check the numbers, the number five, 25, 30, -- the power ball 32. jackie. >> a little bit of sunshine on and off, especially this morning. 83 and patterly sunny by noon, but showers and thunderstorms will be likely after the noon hour. the high temperature in the middle 80's. >> well, jackie, the biggest
6:55 am
delay is going to be on 95, working your way into the springfield inner change. that is cleared all lanes are open, but this is 395, and you can see, slow go there as you make your way past the springfield inner change. that has ask estimated drive time of 45 minutes right now. adam is out at the montgomery county fair, how is it looking. >> [yelling]. >> yeah. we are at the montgomery state fair, starts tomorrow. and the fair will -- the weather will be very fair like. warm and muggy, highs today in the mid to upper 80's. going into next week, look at this view by the way. going into next week it will be in the mid to upper 80's. at least through the weekend, back to you.
6:56 am
oh, gosh. >> adam, if that wasn't enough for you, before we go, moving the mattress is normally a job that two people need to do. >> not for this particular man in china. he has the video here to prove it. he is holding what looks like a double size mattress. on top of his head. no word on how he stopped his bike. you have to give the guy points for being resourceful. >> i don't know. >> that will do it for us. >> good morning mischaracterize is coming up next, everyone. >> all right, local news
6:57 am
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our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. good morning, america. and breaking overnight, golden ticket. at least three people waking up brand-new multimillionaires this morning, after all-out frenzy coast-to-coast to buy tickets for the almost $500,000 jackpot. also breaking overnight, a raging wildfire out of control. home after home burned to the ground, as firefighters are injured and the inferno blocked people's escape route. and usher speaks out for the first time about his 5-year-old son's terrifying accident in the family pool. why he says he's overwhelmed right now, as his custody battle with his ex-wife now heats


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